The stability and retention of the denture depends on many factors, including the attachment and fit of the denture to natural teeth, implants if any, the amount and type of bone, gum tissue, and saliva, as well as the ability in placing and removing the denture.


Every attempt is made to create a natural appearance for the denture; however, it may not be possible for the denture to support the lip and facial contours perfectly.


There may be gum soreness or discomfort under the denture. This can be relieved with adjustments and tissue treatment. It may take several appointments before the denture fits comfortably.



The new denture may feel awkward for a few weeks until you become accustomed to them, and the denture may feel loose while the cheek muscles and tongue learn to keep them in place.



The quantity of saliva may be adversely affected by some systemic problems, medications and/or radiation therapy around the head and neck. Lack of saliva may increase the irritation of a removable denture against the gum tissue, and lack of saliva can severely increase the incidence of tooth decay.


Removable dentures always have some space between the pink acrylic resin portion and the gum tissue. In addition there is always some movement of the removable denture during chewing. These factors create a situation where food may accumulate between the denture and the gum tissue. Therefore, it is essential to remove the denture for cleaning on a periodic daily basis. Removable partial dentures with metallic clasps may have additional food retention problems.


Acrylic resin denture teeth have more resistance to chipping, but they have a tendency to wear down. Chips and cracks of the pink acrylic resin portion can usually be repaired.




Removable dentures cover areas of the jaws and palate that are not normally covered. The presence of acrylic resin or metal in these areas requires adaption of the tongue and lips for proper speech, which may take a period of time to get used to. A denture “click” can sometimes be heard when the upper and lower denture teeth contact. The acrylic resin and metal of removable dentures may affect the taste of food, especially if the dentures are not cleaned properly.

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