At Yaas Dental clinic in Narre Warren, we will evaluate the health and development of your child’s teeth at regular check-ups. During each check-up, your child will receive an oral evaluation for the presence of cavities and tooth cleaning.

Kid’s dentistry is a highly specialized field of treatment for children. This dentistry for children focuses on a wide range of conditions affecting dental development at early stages.
Our Kid’s (pediatric) dentistry services include preventive treatment, fluoride therapy, filling, extraction and mouth guard.

Your child may need preventive services such as dental sealants and fluoride therapy to strengthen developing teeth.

We will create restorative treatment for any existing cavities.
We also provide custom-fitted mouth guard to reduce the risk of the most common dental injuries such as sports and recreation activities.
Bulk billing (gap free) on Medicare child dental benefit scheme and private health funds. If your child is eligible for the scheme contact us to schedule a check-up appointment.

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